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United States Masters Swimming Long Course Meters Championships will 
be next weekend in Federal Way, Washington. The Championships run 
Thursday through Sunday. Pacific will be well represented by many 
swimmers. For those who want to follow the action, the heats will be 
available "live" on line.

will link to the live heats.  You can also use that link for the daily results.

The USA Swimming Long Course National will be held in Clovis (near 
Fresno), CA. If you are in the area August 14-18, you may wish to see 
some of America's best swimmers competing. The USA Swimming web site

has all the information about the meet and will have the results.

Pacific Swimming's Far Western Championships will be August 15-19 in 
Concord. Many very good swimmers who did not quite qualify for 
Nationals will swim here.

To the lady who was trying to be helpful about the Leukemia Triathlon 
at Treasure Island and I was very curt in responding, I apologize. 
See "inside baseball" after the signature for what happened.

The San Francisco Chronicle had an article about John Nabor in the 
"Where are they now" article of the sports section

There was also an article about 1960 Olympian Anne Cribbs, who is 
working on trying to get the 2012 Olympic Game to the San Francisco 
Bay area:


The Manatees 2x1 Lake Del Valle Open Water Relay will be August 19th 
at Lake Del Valle near Livermore.
The Manatee 2x1 Open Water Relay Swim at Lake Del Valle.  The meet 
director expects the lake to be back to its normal elevation before 
the race on August 19th.It should be a great swim. Race day entries 
will be allowed. Find a friend and swim. It is a fun event to swim in.

For more information or an entry form,

Pinecrest Lake Open water swim is August 25th at Pinecrest Lake (east 
of Sonora)

Pacific Masters NEW AFFILIATE
Lands End

Pacific Masters entered into a new affiliate relationship with Lands' 
End Apparel . Lands' End is a maker of fine sports apparel for the 
active person.

If you click on the link to Lands' End from the Pacific Masters web 
site (like the link above or the link in the navigation bar) Lands' 
End will rebate some of the money of your purchase to Pacific 
Masters. Pacific will only receive funds if you click on the Lands 
End web site from the Pacific web site

The Pacific Masters Logo'ed shirts that meet officials wear are from Lands End.

Marcia Benjamin has sent out to each club the forms to get on the 
Pacific Masters schedule. If you did not receive a set of forms 
please contact Marcia mailto: msbenjamin at earthlink.net . If you are 
thinking about scheduling a meet, but have not put one on before or 
it is not on the current schedule, contact either Barry Fasbender for 
pool meets mailto:fasbenderb at aol.com or Jim Wheeler 
mailto:jwheeler at sanselmo.org for open water meets. Both can tell you 
about what is needed to put on a meet and give you the "inside" 

Last week it was "Train like Lance, This week it's be like 'Flipper'; 
what is it going to be next week -- Swim like King Kong?"

How many of you have finished a long series of repeats and knowing 
you will have more repeats to do in a little bit -- so you crawl out 
of the pool to flop on the deck to 'get more air and cool off' ??

Well, if you do you are actually making your recovery time longer and 
less effective!!

The reason is threefold:

1) By getting out of the water (a near 'zero gravity environment) you 
are now forcing your heart to not only be pumping your blood to and 
from your working muscles in its effort to 'flush out' and 
resynthesize the by-products of exercise; but now it has to combat 
the pull of gravity. This dramatically increases the time needed to 
recover.  So, be 'Heart Smart' and stay low (in the water).

2) The second reason is that during demanding exercise you build up 
quite a bit of body heat -- which is regulated by various factors. 
But most important for swimmers is the fact that water will 'wick 
away' increases in body heat some 200 times greater than exposure to 
the same air temperature. This is the reason swimmers can put in such 
grueling practices ---  such that if they were transposed to a runner 
doing the same practice on a track  ---  you would have a very 
physically distressed runner (read that: one sick puppy).

3) The last factor is the reason for the mention of "Flipper".  We 
humans share a common bond and physiological trait with sea creatures 
such as dolphins,seals and whales. It's called "the mammalian diving 
reflex". Essentially, when we go underwater our body undergoes 
remarkable shifts in processing oxygen and recovering from exercise. 
The heart rate recovers and slows down much more rapidly from 
exertion  when you submerge (and this is accelerated if you bob under 
water repeatedly -- 'blowing bubbles' each time). Excess carbon 
dioxide (a by-product of work) is blown off  at a much faster rate 

So, if you cant swim as fast as 'Flipper' --- at least you can share 
some of the same characteristics. And your ability to put in more 
productive practices will reap the benefits!!

    Coach Midnight

Fog City Masters is looking for a person to coach three of the five 
evening workouts of the well established evening crowd. Salary DOE. 
Contact Diane Davis 415 731 2522 or mailto:ddavis at siprep.org

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I plan to be at USMS Nationals next week. Driving up to Seatle and 
back. Next week's Update will be late and the results of the 2x1 will 
be on the web when I get them, but most likely not before Monday 

have a  good week


The Pacific Masters Swimming Update Mailing list has just a little 
over 8000 on the list. I sometimes get requests from people who just 
hit the Reply button. Most of those messages are from people who want 
to unsubscribe, but sometimes I get email from people asking for 
information. Christine asked  about the Leukemia Team in training 
using the update email address.

In the administrative section, which is where the email of people who 
hit the reply button email is sent, there are four buttons. One is 
reject. I can write a response then hit the reject button and the 
sender will get a my response (dont ask it is confusing).

Next to the reject button is the "accept" button. If I hit the accept 
button then everyone on the list - all 8000+ people - will get a copy 
of the message. that is what happened. Only I did not immediately 
know I hit the "accept" button. I thought I had hit the "reject" 

A couple of minutes later, I get a response telling me that this may 
be the November Leukemia Triathlon on Treasure Island. I thought it 
was Christine, so I responded that I was not a triathlete and had no 
idea about the November triathlon event. I was a little curt to 
someone who was trying to be helpful.

About 10 minutes later, I get a bunch of email responses that 
indicates to me that I did not hit the reject button,  but the Accept 
button that sent the message to everyone.

Now I realized my mistake, and wanted to find the email address of 
the first woman who responded, to apologize for being curt, but I 
could not find the address.

I got many many answers  (which I forwarded to Christine) about the 
Leukemia Team in Training, about the Treasure Island Triathlon on 
November 4th and a few people who told her where she could train.
To everyone who sent a reply - thank you