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   Greetings from Kanon Village, Phuket, Thailand - on the Adaman sea.

   There will a memorial for Ray Taft at Joinville Pool, San Mateo on
   Saturday Aguust 3rd at 5:30 pm. Ray was a great swimmer over many
   years. When he aged up he would break almost all of his new age groups
   records.He was voted into the International Swimming Hall of Fame.

   In 1978, United States Masters Swimming awarded Ray the Ransom Arthur
   award for his work with Masters Swimming. In 1997, USMS had it annual
   convention in Burlingame, all of the Ransom Arthur award winners were
   recongnized, Ray  received a big round of applause.

   Memorial Gathering for Ray will be held next Saturday at Joinville,
   August 3rd at 5:30. All are welcome, and the Marlins would appreciate
   folks helping to spread the word. The plan is to gather and allow
   folks to share their thoughts and memories - Lynne said "talk story"
   and spend >time together. People are welcome to bring photos or
   momentos to share. An rsvp to my e-mail or phone (650)359-7782 or
   Nancy Barnes (650)345-6862, or the pool c/o Peter -
   beireis at ci.sanmateo.ca.us </twig/index.wphp?
   &twigsi=30&twigci=31&form[to]=beireis at ci.sanmateo.ca.us> will help us
   get a rough idea of numbers so we can provide beverages and >finger
   food. Lawn chairs would be helpful. Thanks very much for letting
   people know.

   Rest in peace, Ray Taft.


   There are three open water events the first weekend in August. One is
   on Saturday and two are on Sunday. The pier to pier registration has
   closed. The other two you may deck enter.

   Donner Lake Swim
   The Donner Lake Swim is around the 12th. (It is tough doing the update
   when you dont have your calendar. It is coming back after a one year
   hiatus. Brandon Carter is running the meet. The swim is a straight
   line about 2.5 miles (maybe it is more - but information is on the
   meet sheet)

   The Lake Del Valle is the week after the Donner Lake Swim.This is a
   real fun swim so talk to you friend, spouse, significant other, child
   and swim with them. The meet entry sheet is on the Manatee portion of
   the web site. Go to the Pacific Masters web site, in the blue bar on
   the left is a link to the Manatees, click that and there should be a
   link to the 2x1 swim.


   The member lookup/team lookup  is not working. It will be fixed by the
   5th of August.

   have a good week


   One of the great things about the Internet is that it is world wide.
   I am sitting here, just off the Kason beach in Phuket Island writing
   the Update on my laptop, knowing that I can find an Internet Cafe
   within walking distance.

   I just watched a storm come in from the Adaman Sea, dump a LOT of rain
   and then continue its way over the mountains. I have heard that the
   water temperature is in the 80s - (eat your heart out Sunrisers). I
   may even go into the ocean.

   Be back next week (unless there is a strike somewhere)

   When Ray's memorial starts at Joinville Pool, I will be sitting in the
   departure lounge at Don Muang airport waiting for the start of our
   return home. Let me share a couple of vignettes

   About ten years ago, I was swimming in the long course championships
   being held at Santa Cruz. I was entered in the 800  free. I was in
   lane 6 and Ray was in lane 2. I was in much better shape then. The
   race starts and after a couple of laps I notice that Ray and I were
   swimming at about the same pace.I was trying not to swim hard the
   first few laps. Around lap 12 of the 16 length event.I started to pick
   up the pace a little as there were only four laps left. Ray picked up
   his pace. I looked to the other side and there was coach Gail Roper
   yelling at me to kick harder. At lap 14 I turned it up again as there
   would only two laps left - I get maybe one armstroke ahead of Ray and
   he starts swimming faster. In lap 15, Ray starts going faster, ok it
   is only two laps to go, no use saving myself, I turn it up a notch. On
   lap 16, I am sprinting, as much as one can sprint after 15 long course
   laps, trying to kick harder, trying not to let the stroke fall apart.
   We are going stroke for stroke - and Ray is 30 years older. Finally
   hit the wall. I look up at the score board - Damn - Ray touched me out
   by about a tenth of a second. But on the other hand it was the fastest
   800 I have ever swam and it was the best race I had ever swum. There
   was nothing I could have done better at that time and still got beat.

   For the next few years, I would look the event results and if I ever
   swam a time faster than Ray in an event, it was a good meet for me.

   Ray had a beautiful clean stroke. and he was very consistant. As head
   stroke and turn judge, a judge gave me a dq slip with Rays name on it.
   Without looking the rest of the tag, I asked what happened in the IM.
   the Judge replied that Ray only did 3 instead of 4 laps of back
   stroke. Ooops

   In the last time were were in the same heat in short course meters
   last year, Ray was in lane 5 and I in lane 2 in a 200. My stratgey was
   to go negative split the race - try real hard not to go fast on the
   first two laps (some I am very prone to do it if dont watch it) then
   pick it up in the last half of the event. After the first two laps Ray
   is about 3 body lengths ahead of me. I am happy with that as I went
   out slow. But then I pace off Ray for the next four laps, as I said
   Ray was a very consistant swimmer. In lap seven, I pick it up and we
   turn together for the final length.The next four stroke, we are
   swimming stroke for stroke- at 82 still the heart of a lion, he did
   not want anyone to pass him.

   I also remember seeing him take care of Zada, his wife at the pool -
   making sure she got to the blocks safely. Or after the swim being sure
   she got out of the water ok.

   A couple of years ago, I practiced with the Marlins. Sometimes Ray
   would be swimming at the same practice. He was always very gracious to
   me and after a workout he looked like he had been having a good time.

   We have lost a great man. I will miss you, Ray Taft.

   Rest in peace.