[PacMasterUpdate] Pacific Masters Update, April 25, 2004

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The team event The Battle of the Bay has been cancelled. The 
TriValley Masters thanks everyone who supported this event.

At the 2004 US Masters Swimming Short Course Yards Championships held 
in Indianapolis, Indiana Pacific Masters Swimmers broke numerious 
records. Records were broking by Tod Spieker (1000 FR 10:36.93, 500 
Fr, 200 Back 2:07.54),  Suzanne Hiem-Bowen ( 1650 Fr 17:49.94, 500 
Fr) 5:13.89,  Rich Burns (100 Back 1:01.40	, 100IM 1:02.52,  50 
Ba 28:27 200 Ba 2:17.33 ) Daniella Barneia (200 Fl  David Gildea  200 
Br 2:36.36 100 Br 1:08.28 ) Jim Triolo 200 Ba 4:17.64)

If you are going to the X FINA World Masters Championships in 
Riccione, Italy,  please contact Scott Williams, he will be one of 
the USMS Masters coaches  there. He and the other coaches would like 
to get USMS swim caps for the swimmers competing in Italy. Also if 
you would like coaching and your coach is not going, you can contact 
one of the USMS coaches while you are there.
	MAILTO:swilliams at olyclub.com

For North Bay swimmers training for FINA Championships in Italy or 
other distance swims, the Petaluma Swim Center's 50 meter pool opens 
Saturday, April 3, from 11:00 - 1:00.  Take 101 to Petaluma, exit 
west on Washington. The pool is adjacent to Highway 101.

Dan Wood of University of California - Santa Cruz took a picture of 
Pacific Masters Swimmers in the Pool on Saturday of championships. 
Many swimmers have asked how to get a copy of the picture. The 
picture costs $10.00 - Send a check made out to UCSC Foundation. Send 

	Dan Wood
	UCSC East Fieldhouse
	University of California - Santa Cruz
	Santa Cruz, CA

Your $10.00 check will be matched by $10.00 from the chancellors fund 
so that $20.00 will go to the UCSC Swimming program. (Let's see if we 
can break the Chancellors "bank").

The preliminary ONE HOUR SWIM results have been posted on the USMS 
web site (soon to be on the Pacific Masters Site).

WEB DEVELOPER WANTED (USMS contract position)
USMS is soliciting applications for the position of Web Developer to 
assist the USMS Webmaster. This position will be involved in all 
phases of development and maintenance of the USMS web site. Such 
development includes the design and maintenance of a MySQL database, 
creation of custom PHP and Perl scripts to drive the web site and to 
provide for USMS administrative features, and web page layout and 
design. The application deadline for this position is May 16. Details 
for those interested can be found

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Notes from the USMS championships. I attended the 2004 USMS National 
Championships learn more how the USMS was run. It was a great time 
and I saw many people there.

I saw Danielle Barnia break the womens 200 Butterfly record - she not 
only broke it but crushed it. Taking about 8 seconds off the old 
standard. Daniella has been swimming for quite a while now and this 
was her first national record.

After being away from swimming for 29 years Leianne Crittenden took 
it up last year. I saw her at a couple of meets last year. With a big 
smile on her face she said she was having fun swimming. She joined 
Walnut Creek Masters this year. At her first Nationals, she won the 
100 Freestyle touching out second place by 0.02 seconds and then the 
next day she won the 50 by 0.07. The Creek took all the women's 
freestyle events in the womens 45-49  (except for the 1000) with 
Leianne and Suzanne Heim Bowen.

Gary Hall Jr, Sabir Muhammad and other members of the Race Club came 
to the meet. they were the most fun to watch. When they swam 
everything stopped. there was a lot of screaming and cheering when 
they came to the blocks - they stopped racing on the other course. 
The stands were filled and everyone was looking at the course. The 
deck was filled with swimmer spectators who stood at the ropes to see 
the fast heat.

After the races, Zabir and Gary were very gracious, they signed 
autographs and had pictures taken with any swimmer who asked.

Rich Burns had a different look. He shaved his beard, which he said 
he had not done in a long long time. Also for the first time he wore 
a swim cap and gogles for a race. It worked breaking three nationals 


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