[PacMasterUpdate] Pacific Masters Update November 28, 2004

pacmasterupdate at PacificMasters.org Mon Nov 29 00:44:21 EST 2004

The 2004 Reno Winners meet  will be held December 4, 2005 in Reno, 
Nevada. This short  course yards meet usually attracts less than 100 
swimmers  so entering back to back events is not advised. The Reno 
meet is the last event of 2004. You must show your 2004  or 2005 USMS 
membership card.

As of November 27th, the following 25 clubs have renewed their 
memberships for 2005.  I can register only swimmers of clubs that 
have registered for 2005 or unattached swimmers.  If your club does 
not appear on this list, please encourage your club to send in its 
club form and fee as soon as possible!

ALMA - Almaden Swim & Racquet Club
BMW - Burlingame Masters Watersports
CRUZ - Santa Cruz Masters Aquatics
CVM - Carson Valley Masters
DAM - Davis Aquatic Masters
FRAC - Feather River Aquatic Club* new club
LAM - Los Altos Masters Aquatics Club
LAMV - Los Altos Mountain View Masters
LNM - Loch Ness Masters
MELO - Menlo Masters Swim Team
MHSC - City of Morgan Hill Masters
MPSC - Masters Penguin Swim Club
NVM - Napa Valley Masters
OAK - Oakwood Athletic Club Masters
PMS - Pirate Masters Swimming
RAMS - Rocklin Aquatics Masters
RHMS - Rolling Hills Mud Sharks
RINC - Rinconada Masters
SAC - Sacramento Masters Swimming
SCAM - Strawberry Canyon Aquatic Masters
TCAM - Tuolumne County Aquatic Masters
TSI - Transpersonal Swimming Institute
TSUN - San Francisco Tsunami Swim Club
WACM - Western Athletic Club Masters
WCM - Walnut Creek Masters

The new year is just 40 days away. It is time to reregister your 
club.  Our registrar, Nancy Ridout, will greatly appreciate it if you 
register your club very soon, as once your club is registered, she 
can begin registering your members as being part of your club. 
Register now - then you can forget about registering until this time 
next year

2005 is almost here. You can now re-register for the 2005 year.
Part of your registration fee pays for Pacific Masters Swimming so we 
can provide services to you. Services that include, competitive 
swimming program, secondary insurance for your club, the Pacific 
Masters web site and the newsletter. Join early!!

Your registration also pays for the magazine from USMS on swimming.

There has been misleading and confusing information regarding the 
magazine.  As a benefit of membership, you will continue to receive a 
magazine, it just won't be SWIM Magazine. The leadership of USMS, 
after considered investigation, discussion, and evaluation, has 
decided to publish its own magazine which will be called USMS Swimmer 
and will be sent to each member on a bi-monthly basis, just as you 
receive currently. The PMS Newsletter will continue to be inserted 
into the magazine for your convenience.  USMS is confident that you 
will enjoy this new publication and use it to enhance your swimming 
knowledge and awareness.
Mountain View Masters Swim Team is looking for a head swim coach to 
coach, lead and inspire us. If you are interested please email 
jobs at mvm.org or call (408) 735-1326. More information is also 
available at:
If you are a non-athlete member of US Swimming (to be a coach, 
official or marshal), it is time to reregister with them.

The annual Pacific officials clinic will be held Saturday, January 8, 
at the King Center in Vallejo. More details will be on the Pacific 
Swimming web site:

The January Coaches clinic sponsored by NorCal will be in Napa 
January 6, 7, 8, and 9. There will be Pacific Masters will have a few 
scholarships for coaches who apply (Pacific will pick up part of the 
registration fee) More information will be in the next Update. For 
further information contact Brian Stack at  stackb at aol.com

Speakers include Michael Collins, Dave Salo, Mike Bottom, Sean 
Hutchinson and many others.

michael w. moore
michael at mwmoore.org