[PacMasterUpdate] Pacific Masters Update May 21, 2006

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Our regular meeting will be the 24th of May at the Heather Farms,
Walnut Creek, California. the meeting start at 7:30.

Nominations for coach of the year are due at the meeting. You can
email them to mailto:chairman at pacificmasters.org by 23 May.

What is required for the nomination can be found in the March-April Newsletter

Thanks to the San Mateo Marlin Masters for organizing the Parkside
Open Water swim. The results are now on the Pacific Masters web site:
If you have moved and want to still receive your copy of Swimmer
Magazine, please go to the Pacific Masters On-Line Change of Address
page. Fill it out and your address will be changed and you will
continue to receive USMS Swimmer Magazine.

Lake Berryessa
On June 3rd, Davis Aquatic Masters hosts the 25th Annual Lake Berryessa Swim.
This is a great open water swim. One can swim the two mile swim and
then turn around to swim the one mile swim. After the open water
swim, an on site food service will provide the as tasty meal (extra

XI FINA World Masters
The registration deadline for the FINA Worlds is 3 June 2005. You can
register online at

This is a great place to compete against swimmers in your age group
and ability. You can swim any of the long course events if you make
the qualifying time. The 3KM open water swim will be at Crown Beach
in Alameda - water temperature is expected to be between 60-71
degrees. Swimmers can swim up to five individual events (but only two
on a day), three relays and the open water swim.

Become a sponsor of the XI FINA World Masters Championships. For
additional benefits by donating to the non-profit organization
hosting the event, you will receive a sticker at registration to add
to your ID card to receive your benefits. Sponsorship levels include:

PATRON $2500
A patron will receive individual meet entry fees paid, expedited
processing at registration and check in. Preferred seating in the
Avery Aquatic Center, Entrys feel paid for all social events, an
officials logo polo shirt and hat, an official swimbag, a Speedo
Fastkin II suit and a preferred parking pass (priceless).

A friend sponsor will receive expedited processing, entry fees paid
for all social events and an official logo t-shirt and hat.

A seal sponsor will receive expedited processing at registration, a
limited edition XI FINA Masters logo mascot seal and an official logo
t-shirt and hat.

The Organizing Committee hopes that you will consider become a
sponsor at one of the above levels. If you have already registered,
you can go online to add sponsorship to your registration.

United States Masters Swimming and the Organizing Committee are
sponsoring a Sports Medicine Conference for Masters Swimmers. The
Conference will take place on the Stanford Campus on Sunday, 6
August, Monday 7 August and Wednesday 9 August.

Speakers will include Joel McCormick Stager, Ph.D.,Jim Miller, M.D.,
Jane Katz Ph.D.,and Mike Bottom.

Tickets are free to competitors. Seating is limited. You can email
for your free ticket by emailing mailto:smc at 2006finamasters.org .

Teams who are interested in special items of apparel, using the XI
FINA World Masters Championships log should contact
mailto:worldmastersproduct at speedousa.com

To reply or comment about anything in this email, please write to
mailto:update06 at pacificmasters.org
If you hit the reply key on your computer, your email may or may not
be seen in a timely manner. Use only the update06 address please.

If you are wishing to get off the list, hit the reply key, then put
in the subject line.
If you do not put Remove in the SUBJECT line, it may take weeks
before your email address is removed from the Email list.

The World Championships will need hundreds of volunteers to help run
the meet. We will need everything from greeters, to runners to
timers. As of Sunday night, over 2400 athletes have already
You can register on line at


Anyone one can register, significant other, parents, children,
friends and cousins. Please help during the FINA World Championships
- 3 August through 17 August.

Santa Clara Swim Club is offering 13 long course workouts each week.
During the week we offer organized/coached workouts in the morning
from 6 to 7:30 am (M-F) and in the evenings from 6:15 to 7:30 pm
(M-Th) and from 5:45 to 7:00 pm (Friday). On the weekends we offer
long course coached workouts from 9 to 10:30 am Saturday and Sunday
and 4 to 5:15 pm on Sunday. The drop-in cost is $5 or the monthly is
$40. All swimmers must be registered with USMS before they are
allowed to participate.

Besides these coached workouts, we also have lap lanes availabe
during the times posted above and alos from 5 to 6 am and 7:30 to 8
am (M-F).
John Bitter, coach

.I wanted to give a heads up to all registered PMS swimmers that we
offer long course swimming at nearly all of our workouts (with a few
exceptions in the evenings). Any swimmer from within PMS who would
like to join us for some long course training is welcome to do so
with no commitment by purchasing a 7 Swim Pass for $50.....the pass
never expires and is good at any of our 19 weekly workouts.

On a separate but similar note.....In addition to our regular
Saturday morning workouts, we will be hosting some "Impromptu" long
course racing every Saturday morning in the month of May (13th, 20th,
and 27th). We'll run 20 lanes long course and we'll race in 8 to 10
lanes. We'll race something like four rounds of "your choice" 50m,
100m, and 200m swims. Individuals can pick and choose what they swim.
We will not offer the 800, but can probably accommodate just about
anything else. These WILL NOT be
official swims, but just some practice racing, getting off the
blocks, and quality swimming in the competition venues for the FINA
Championships. ANYONE who is USMS registered is welcome top join us
at no charge on these days. The workouts are from 6:00 to 7:30am.
I ask that guests arrive at
about 5:50am for set-up and warm-up. We'll run as many heats
possible with some warm-up time before and recovery swimming mixed
in-between the rounds. Anyone interested in some fun, LOW KEY, racing
is welcome to join us!
Tim Edmunds, coach

From the email letter sent to people on the FINA Masters list

Greeting Fellow Swimmers:

It is less than three months to the start of the first event of the
XI FINA World Masters Championships. The Organizing Committee has
been working very hard to create the best competitive conditions for
the Championships

This is a great meet to compete against other swimmers, you will
compete against other swimmers of your age and swimming ability. If
you enter a good seed time, in your heat you will compete against
swimmers who will almost match your ability. There will be
extraordinary competitive conditions. And the social events will be a
wonderful place to meet swimmers from around the world.

For those athletes who want to find out what the best times are in
their age groups, the world records and the meet records are on the
FINA web site.

The latest set of World Records

This is the first time that FINA World Masters Championships Meet
Records are available

FINA has also compiled an All Time Top Ten

For each team that registers 20 swimmers, the coach will receive a
championships coach's polo shirt. This cool shirt will identify the
person as a coach for a team that is competing at the World

All the relays will be on Tuesday - the 200 Mixed Free Relay, 200
Mixed Free Relay, 200 Men's Medley relay, 200 Men's Free Relay, 200
Women's Medley Relay and 200 Women's Free Relay. The team leader can
enter a time and an event. The final names do not have to be entered
until Monday before the relay - so the coach/team leader can see who
is swimming at the meet, but all the swimmers must register for the

We have made a couple of changes in the registration process, you do
NOT have to send two photos with your registration. This is for all
people who are registering

When you go to accreditation, you must bring a government issued ID
(eg passport, Drivers license), your picture will be taken and your
meet ID will be generated. You should bring a copy of your masters
license or membership number.

This is a great meet to compete against other swimmers, you will
compete against other swimmers of your age and swimming ability. If
you enter a good seed time, in your heat you will compete against
swimmers who will almost match your ability. There will be
extraordinary competitive conditions. And the social events will be a
wonderful place to meet swimmers from around the world.

"Escape From the Rock
Know what the real thrill is swimming from Alcatraz?

No, it's not braving the bone-numbing chill of the 61 degree water.
No, it's not the fact not a single hardened criminal ever made
a successful escape during the Rock's 29 years as a Federal

It is the real thrill of swimming from Alcatraz begins when you stop
halfway back across and take 15 seconds to savor and let it sink in
where you really are. Five KM to your right is the bright
orange Golden Gate Bridge and the Marin Headlands. Miles to your
left are the Oakland hills and Treasure Island. Behind are the eerie
ruins of Alcatraz with Angel Island looming in the background. And
in front of you is the majestic city of San Francisco - your ultimate
destination. This 15 second mental video will stay with you the rest
of your life.

Come join Organizing Committee, Pacific Masters and South-End Rowing
Clubs as we host a non competitive swim from Alcatraz - one of the
most exhilarating experiences you'll ever have. Go to
<http://www.2006finamasters.org>http://www.2006finamasters.org to
sign up today!"

Currently we are offering the swim only to people who have signed up
for the World Championships.

If you want to stay at a hotel or motel in the Stanford/Palo Alto
area, now is also the time to register for a hotel room. You can sign
up now, and your credit card will not be charged until July. Most of
the rooms in Palo Alto have been booked, but there are plenty of
rooms in Santa Clara and San Mateo.

The Organizing Committee has secured rooms at 22 Bay Area hotels. We
were able to secure discounted rates. We have sold out our allotment
at five of these hotels. There are still many, many hotel rooms
available and to secure the greatest choice, please click here to
view the choices of hotels and chose one. The link can also be found
in the Quick Links list on the right side of the website.

If you need to reserve a block of 20 or more hotel rooms, please
contact RJ Robinson
<mailto:RJ at paravion-inc.com>mailto:RJ at paravion-inc.com

The FINA Worlds Organizing Committee has secured a limited number of
Stanford Dorm rooms. Please note as Stanford says "Dorm Rooms" are
not hotel rooms and Stanford is not in the hotel business. These
rooms are used for students during the academic year and for
conferences during the summer season. More information is at

For those who want a dorm room, you must sign up by the end of this week.

If you are planning airfare for a group of 10 or more traveling
together, please contact Shannon Sullivan .
mailto:shannon at 2006finamasters.org

We have been working with different airlines and car rental companies
to secure discounts are on the airfares. The airlines include:

Avis J907282

Budget U063663

Hertz 011Z0014

National 002755 5002755

Thrifty 004C003535
The companies offer different discounts of their published airfares.
The farther out you purchase the ticket the more the discount.

Pacific Masters affiliate
Lands End

Pacific Masters entered into a new affiliate relationship with Lands'
End Apparel . Lands' End is a maker of fine sports apparel for the
active person.

If you click on the link to Lands' End from the Pacific Masters web
site (like the link above or the link in the navigation bar) Lands'
End will receive a rebate from your purchase

The Pacific Masters Logo'ed shirts that meet officials wear are from Lands End.

Have a good week

Michael W. Moore