[PacMasterUpdate] The Update 17 December 2008

Update on Pacific Masters Swimming sent to members and friends. Thu Dec 18 00:35:16 EST 2008

As adopted by the Pacific Masters Committee the Mission of Pacific Masters is:

Pacific Masters Swimming welcomes anyone who would like to gain and
maintain fitness through swimming and encourages programs to foster
this mission.


The NorCal Swim Shop Swim clinic will be .held 8 January through 11
January in Napa, California. Pacific Masters has helped coaches
attend by paying up to 50% of the registration fee. Information about
the clinic can be found at
If you are interested in attending and would like Pacific Masters to
help with the registration fee, please contact Chris Campbell at
mailto:coachchris at mvm.org .

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The USMS Executive Director's Office prepared a video about the 2008
United States Short Course Yards Championships


As of yesterday there were 2195 people who have registered to be
members of Pacific Masters Swimming.
TCAM Count 260
DAM Count 204
UNAT Count 143
WCM Count 140
MAM Count 124
CRUZ Count 94
BAC Count 80
MAAC Count 77
RINC Count 77
USF Count 72
TEME Count 69

Thank you to the Clubs that have registered
Alameda Aquatic Masters
Almaden Swim & Racquet Club
Aquasol Masters
Burlingame Aquatic Club
Berkeley (CA) Aquatic Masters
Bay Masters
Golden Bear Swimming
Brentwood Masters Swim Club
Bear River Swimming
Club Assistant Swim Team
Clovis Swim Club Masters
Cal Maritime Academy Masters
Santa Cruz Masters Aquatics
Oakland Barracuda Masters
Central Valley Aquatics
Central Valley All Stars
Carson Valley Masters
Davis Athletic Club
Davis Aquatic Masters
Dolphin Club
El Cerrito Aquatic Masters
El Camino YMCA Masters
El Dorado Hills Sports Club
Ellis Electric Eels
Fremont Glenmoor Masters
Fog City Masters
Club Hot Tub
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JCCSF Masters Swimming
Los Altos Mountain View Masters
Livermore Area Rec & Park Dist
Los Gatos Swim And Racquet Club
Loch Ness Masters
Lodi Masters
Ladera Oaks Masters
Livermore Valley Tennis Club
Modesto Area Aquatic Club
Manatee Aquatic Masters Inc
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Masters Penguin Swim Club
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You can now renew your membership for 2009. You can register on line,
it is very easy, just go to:
and start filling out the forms. If you are a member of the clubs
listed below you can register with your club.

If your club is not one of the clubs listed above, you will have to
register as "unattached." And then when your club registers you can
change membership.

For those who do no want to register on-line, Pacific Masters still
has a paper registration form to send to Nancy.


If your club has not rer-egistered for 2009 you can fill out the
paper registration form Nancy will hold the registration for until
your club reregisters or until 31 December (if your club has not
re-registered by then, you will be registered as unattached).

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OFF THE WALL More shoulder stuff
The Monday after Thanksgiving, I got back in the pool. I was swimming
groups of 300, two hundred free and 100 kick. I did six of them and
for the first time since October, I swam one mile and it felt pretty
good. I was sore after the swim and a couple of hours later, I did
not feel any ache or pain in the shoulder.

I had not been looking at the clock, one reason is it is difficult
to look at the digital read out from the wall lane. I also did not
want to look at it, as the clock does not lie and I was not swimming
50's very fast, but after being in the water for 30 minutes, I raise
my head and then took off. I swam the 50 in about 50 seconds, not
enough to get the heart rate up, but 10 seconds faster than the one
minute 50 I swam the last time I looked.

On Wednesday, there was a woman swimmer in the lane next to me. I had
pretty much warmed up. I would swim, but the heart rate was not
getting up. I was hanging on the wall and she took off from the wall,
I took off and swam next to her. At the first turn I was actually
ahead of her. I stayed ahead for the next 75. The shoulder felt good
at the end of the hundred and for the first time in two month, the
heart rate was up - it felt great!

That afternoon, I was at the physical therapist and I told her about
the "fast" 100 that I swam. She smiled and said that for the next
couple of weeks, maybe I should only try to swim one length fast.
After some serious negotiation, we settled on a "fast" 100. She also
gave me a few arm exercises to do with a five pound weight. I could
work out hard but I should also take some time to rest, between the
hard workouts.

The next day, I saw 2000 yards - another first.

Last Thursday was the last day the pool was open at school, and
Friday for the first time in over two months, I went back to the
Koret Center at USF to swim. It was great to see my lane mates and to
say hi to them.

On Monday, I got in the water and started to warm up. I swam 300
yards at my normal warm up pace, the arm felt good. Then I thought,
maybe I should not be swimming this fast, but it was good to swim at
an almost normal speed. I started the set that the coach gave me and
at about 1400 yards, the shoulder started to ache. The problem with a
mild ache is, is the ache from over use of the broken part that is
becoming better, or is it because I have not used that body part in
the recent past.

The sets on Tuesday were divided into 450 yard cycles, I swam five
cycles - 2350 yards. There were a couple of times when I looked over
to the next lane and kept up with the swimmer, but never more than a
100 yard spurt. (when they were swimming breaststroke and I was
swimming crawl, I did not have a problem keeping up with them).

This morning, I got up at 5 am for the 6 am work out. I took a shower
and while in the shower, the shoulders felt tight- not really an ache
but just tight. Feeling tired and listening to the news where the
announcer said it was 36 degrees, I decided that today would be a
rest day and crawled back into my warm bed.


michael w. moore
michael at pacificmasters.org