[PacMasterUpdate] The Update 21 December 2008

Update on Pacific Masters Swimming sent to members and friends. Sun Dec 21 22:59:41 EST 2008

As adopted by the Pacific Masters Committee the Mission of Pacific Masters is:

Pacific Masters Swimming welcomes anyone who would like to gain and
maintain fitness through swimming and encourages programs to foster
this mission.


On behalf of Nancy Ridout, PacMasters Registrar, the Pacific Masters
Executive Committee and the Pacific Masters Board, we would like to
wish you the merriest of Christmases, a joyous festival of lights and
the great new year.

I was asked by a couple of people, they said at the end of year, they
have a few dollars and like to donate it to community activities and
then asked if there were swimming related charitable organizations.
There are two I would like to mention.

The first is the United States Masters Swimming Endowment fund. The
Fund has made grants into health related studies. Joel Stager of
Indiana Univeristy has done one study on swimmers. He was looking to
see if swimming had effect upon aging markers (blood cholesterol, HDL
and LDL; triglycerides and others). The study expected to find in
elite athletes those markers would be for a younger person (they
have not aged as much as the general population). They were surprised
to find that average swimmers did not age as much as the general

This year they are funding a study on shoulder blade motility and
whether specific exercises could prevent injury (I am sure one of the
results will be a warning about tripping when playing tennis).

You can contribute to the Endowment fund by either adding an amount
when re-registering on your Pacific Masters application or by sending
a check to
United States Masters Swimming
PO Box 185
Londonderry, NH 03053-0185

The second is the International Swimming Hall of Fame. The Hall of
Fame is in Ft Lauderdale, Florida and houses artifacts of swimming
and much of the history of swimming, they have a library devoted to
swimming and its history.

You can go there and find out about the General Slocum disaster - the
General Slocum was a steamship that caught fire in New York's East
River. More than 1000 people died in the accident making it the worst
loss of life disaster in New York until 9-11. Most people on the
steamship did not know how to swim. From this disaster, came the
realization that people needed to know how to swim and the start of
swimming lessons for the general public.

One can see suits from the many eras of swimming from the wools suits
that were used until the 1950's (talk about a drag suit). It has
Donna De Varona's Olympic suit and already as some things from the
2008 Olympics. It is the place where one can see the history of
swimming and I strong ask you to join or make a contribution.

One Hall of Fame Drive
Ft. Lauderdale FL 33316

Of course when you are in the Miami Fort Lauderdale area, stop in.

Both are IRS 501 c 3 charities and deserving of our support.

The web site is in its holiday finery and I am going to take a couple
of weeks off and try not to gain to much weight.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

michael w. moore
michael at pacificmasters.org