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Sat Sep 18 09:47:00 EDT 2010

During the past week, PacMasters had three swimmers pass away.

Jae Howell (1922-2010)
Jae Howell a long-time Walnut Creek swimmer died last week after vallant fight with cancer. Jae competed at many pool events, and set many Pacific Masters records. A strong supporter of the Creek, she would swim in events where she could score points, although, she thought that any event that did not involve all four strokes was not worth doing.

Harvey Wurtzel (1947-2010)
Harvey Stephen Wurtzel, 63 of Santa Rosa died Tuesday at Mercy Medical Center in Redding. Harvey was at the Wiskeytown Open Water Swim, when he had chest pain and nausia. He was immediately taken to Mercy Medical Center, where he passed away Tuesday evening. Harvey Wurtzel, 63, was also an avid Pacific Masters Swimmer in both open water and pool swimming.

Steve Berger
It was a very sad day on Sunday, when Steve Berger, 55, died, his children were present at the Redding, Whiskeytown open water swim Sunday 9/12. Steve Berger (age 55) was swimming the 1 mile while his sons were swimming the 2 mile. On the way back, Steve was swimming backstroke which he likes to do. Steve collapsed near the shore and there was help for him immediately. CPR was administered right away by trained professionals. They couldn’t revive him and we have lost a very dear friend. (from the Redding coach).

Our condolences to the families and friends of these swimmers.

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