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As adopted by the Pacific Masters Committee the Mission of Pacific Masters is:

Pacific Masters Swimming welcomes anyone who would like to gain and maintain fitness through swimming and encourages programs to foster this mission.

PACMASTERS Short Course Meter Championships -
Over 400 Swimmers have registered for the 2010 PacMasters Short Course Meters Championships to be held this upcoming weekend at the Clarke Swim Center, Heather Farms, Walnut Creek. Come cheer your friends and fellow competitors at the meet. The racing will be very competitive.
The Walnut Creek Masters has arranged a special hotel rate for swimmers at the
Embassy Suites Walnut Creek1345 Treat, Blvd
Walnut Creek
($99.00 plus tax) call 800-498-7397. and request the Pacific Masters rate. A close by hotel, a great way to relax after a hard days meet.
Nevada Fall Classic - New Swim
The first Nevada Fall Classic will be held in the Carson Aquatic Facility, Carson City, Nevada on Sunday, October 24, 2010. You can pre-enter the meet by mail - the postmark deadline is 11 October 2010.


When reporting the recipients of the Kerry O'Brien award, there were two coaches that were left off the list: Stu Kahn of Davis Aquatic Masters and Cokie Lepiniski of Marin Pirates.

Stu Kahn
Stu has brought energy to a Davis Aquatic Masters. Before Stu came on board, Dave would not send many swimmers to the regional championships, usually between 10 and 30 which is not very many for a club that has over 600 members. This year, Davis won the 1 hour Postal swim competition far outnumbering other team's yardage or participants. Davis Aquatic Masters brought over one hundred swimmers to the Pacific Masters Championships with a very competitive team.(This included 11 first time swim meet athletes). They were very competitive and were just edged out for second place in the large team division.

This year DAM was the host to the first west coast open water event H2Open series at Lake Berryessa. Lake Berryessa is the largest open swim in Pacific LMSC, near 1000 swimmers will compete there. This year the event was just a week after the national open water championship and still had its normal large contingent of swimmers.

Pacific has noticed that Stu has already energized Davis Aquatic Masters, as they have been swimming at more meets and look for more to come out of the largest local club in Masters swimming.

Cokie Lepinski
Cokie is the founding coach of the Master's division of the Marin Pirates. In an area that already has competitive teams, Cokie has started a new team. Her energy has encouraged swimmers to do their best in workout. She has brought swimmers to local meets where the swimmers competed in their first Masters meet.

As head of the Pacific Masters Coaches Committee, it was her energy and drive that encourage 25 Pacific Masters coaches to attend SwimFest. Pacific brought the most coaches of any LMSC. Pacific believes that Cokie is one the outstanding new coaches and deserving of the Kerry O'Brien Award.

The preliminary final results of the Open Water Points Competition are posted:
They are not final until approved by the Open Water Committee Chair. If find any errors, there is an email address at the end of the form for corrections. Thanks to Marcia Benjamin and Bob Upshaw for all the work in producing the Open Water Points.

The Open Water Points take the swimmers 10 best finishes of a swimmer and computes a total. The maximum points for any one swim is 22, so the most any swimmer can accumulate is 220. Congratulations to Marguerite Meyer (TOC), Glenda Carroll (TAM),Susan Munn (DAM), Donna Monroe (WCM), Trevor Gillis (UNAT), Chris Bond (WCM), Sandy McDonald (SMST), and Peter Guadagni (WCM) for scoring the maximum number of points.

Cancelled Meets
Please note the 49er swim (16 October) and the Clovis Swim (6 November) which appear in the Newsletter have been cancelled and are no longer on the calendar.

PacMasters by the numbers
As of 1 October with 31 days left in the registration year, PacMasters has 10,830 members (at this time last year we had 10,664 swimmers - a 1.5% increase), we broke last years record breaking year. Listed are clubs that have greater than 100 members, those in bold have more members this year than last

DAM 644
WCM 495
STAN 476
TCAM 471
MELO 377
SCSC 373
USF 356
CRUZ 290
MVM 235
MAM 226
MAAC 222
TSUN 215
TVM 213
TEME 212
SERC 203
SNM 190
TOC 184
BAC 180
SMMM 175
PCAM 172
SCAM 170
RAMS 167
BAY 160
DC 156
CLOV 136
AAM 120
SRM 117
MMSW 108
RINC 107
SAC 105
Clubs that also have more members this year than last include: MSI, OAM, NBA, MPSC,SST, SPAS, MPM, FGM, CHIC, ALMA, WEST, ECAM, RHMS, 49ER, PRES, CUDA, AQUM, TTAM, CMAM, MTRC. ECYM. CSSR, PVMA, SRAT. CARS. MMS, LAM, ODD, TTST, and MSC. Congratulations to all

There are just over 19000 members on the email list.

PacMasters Schedule
The 2011 Pacific Masters Schedule is posted on the web site.Currently there are 11pool meets, 6 open water meets and 2 postals. The Executive Committee is looking to put more meets on the schedule.


Finding the Perfect Pace; Tim Elison writes on using a small metronome, tucked under your swim cap in better develop your pacing:

Shoulder Pain, when to have an MRI; Ross A Hauser, MD, writes on when a swimmer should consider having an MRI (to see if there is a reason for shoulder pain). This is a follow up to his article on when simple solutions do not resolve shoulder pain.

Strength Training for the Competitive Swimmer; Craig Keller writes on the myths, misunderstanding and value of strength training for the adult athlete.

Pacific Masters Pool Championships
The Pacific Masters Swimming Committee chose the venues for the 2011 pool Championships. The Short Course Yards will be at Pleasanton, California, April 8-10. The Long Course Championships will be July 8-10, at Santa Cruz California and the Short Course Meters Championships will be October 14-16, Walnut Creek, California.

Lose your Pacific Masters Card?
If you lost you Pacific Masters card and need a new one, you can go to:
where you can print out your PacMasters Card. Of course, you can contact our Registrar about getting a new card (mailto:registrar at pacificmasters.org) to get a new card.

Rob Butcher, USMS Executive Director was interviewed on the Morning Swim Show.


The morning swim show frequently features interviews about Masters Swimmers.


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