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The Santa Cruz 1 mi Roughwater Swim is July 31 in Santa Cruz, The 
Santa Cruz Cruise is August 1st. It is a  two mile open water swim in 
Santa Cruz. The Pier to Pier swim is a 10 K open water swim from 
Capitola to Santa Cruz. The preentry mail deadline is  Monday July 

There is race day entry for the 1mi Rough Water and the 2 mi Cruz 
Cruise. There NO race day entry for the Pier to Pier swim

The 24th Annual Donner Lake Open Water Swim will be on Sunday, August 
8th, 2004. The open water swim is a straight point to point swim 2.7 
mile swim. The pre entry deadline is August 3rd - meet entries must 
be received by then.

The Manatee Masters 2X1 Open Water swim will take place this year at 
Quarry Lakes, Fremont, California. Preentry dead line is postmarked 
by Friday July 30th.

All the results for the all sanctioned Pacific Masters events have 
been posted on the web site. Recently added include the Pacific 
Masters Long Course Meters Championships, Lake Sonoma and the 
TriValley Open Water Swims.

Rocklin Masters regrets to announce that the 2004 Folsom Lake Open 
Water Swim has been canceled. Unfortunately, the low water levels 
create unsafe conditions and make course access extremely difficult. 
We appreciate the attendance over the past three years and understand 
that this is an important part of the open water swim season for many 
PMS swimmers. However, the low water levels make the swim much too 
risky. We look forward to higher water levels next year (think snow!) 
and hope to see you at the 2005 event.
    Terri Maginnis
    RAMS OW Swim Race Director

For those swimmers who attended the X FINA Masters World 
Championships, if you would take a few minutes to jot down what you 
liked about the Championships, what you did not like, what you 
thought could be done better and what you thought the Italians did 
well. As we organize the the next championships, it is important to 
get the thoughts and concerns of the swimmers so we can put together 
a plan for the next championships. Please send your concerns and 
comments to mailto:info at 2006FINAMasters.org  Thank you.
The American Swim Coaches Association is hosting its 2004 World 
Clinic in Indianapolis from October 7-11, 2004. The clinic is being 
held in conjunction with the World Short Course Championships at 
Conseco Fieldhouse.  Along with many other outstanding tracks, the 
Masters track is being held on Sunday, October 10, from 8:00 a.m. to 
12:00 noon. The clinic is a tremendous opportunity for current 
coaches to enhance their knowledge of Masters coaching and attend 
various other lectures by the world's best coaches and researchers.

To enhance participation, USMS will pay the ASCA member World Clinic 
fee, a $200 value (Weekend Package Rate), for a limited number of 
Masters coaches.  This grant includes tickets to the World 
Championships finals for three days (October 8-10). Each LMSC is 
entitled to submit the registration of one coach whose clinic fee 
will be covered in full by USMS.  However, there is a limit of 15 
complimentary registrations on a first-come, first-served basis.  For 
further information contact  Brian Stack <brianstack at sbcglobal.net>

The 2004 USA Swimming ConocoPhillips National Championships will be 
held at Stanford University's Avery Aquatic Center, August 3-7th, 
2004. Palo Alto Stanford Aquatics, Stanford Masters and Pacific 
Swimming are proud to bring the National Championships to Northern 
California for the first time in over twenty years. Get your tickets 
to be inspired by the exciting competition and to welcome the elite 
athletes and coaches to our swimming community. Tickets can be 
purchased at 1-800-STANFORD. Tickets for Prelims are $3-Youth/Senior 
and $5-Adult. Tickets for Finals are $6-Youth/Senior and $8-Adult. 
All Sessions passes are also available for the meet. For more 
information visit

This is really a chance to see great swimming in Northern California. 
If you have a few extra dollars, buy a pass and see trials and 
finals. If you cant make it for trials, take off a few minutes early 
and see finals.

8.    The swimmer in lane 4 is a terrific butterfly swimmer, but he takes
only one kick and then one arm stroke that brings him to the surface of the
water.  Is he allowed to take more strokes while under the surface of the

Recommended Resolution:   No, he is allowed no more than one arm pull.  He
is allowed to kick as far as he wants just as long as he remembers to make
sure his head breaks the surface before the 15- meter mark.

Applicable Rules:   101.2.2

9.    At the officials' briefing, one of the presenters said that during the
beginning of the first arm pull, the position of the body can be in any
position, just as long as the head breaks the water surface before the
15-meter mark.  What is wrong with this statement?

Recommended Resolution:    The presenter should have said that from the
beginning of the first arm pull, the body shall be kept on the breast.

Applicable Rules:   101.2.2

10.    The swimmer in lane 1 is young and has a hard time bringing her arms
completely out of the water during the recovery portion of the butterfly.
Every time she recovers her arms, only half of her arm clears the water
surface.  The official on the turn end of the pool disqualifies her for not
recovering her arms completely out of the water.  The coach goes to the
Referee and protests the call.  Was the call proper?

Recommended Resolution:    No.  Where the rule states, "Both arms must be
brought forward over the water and pulled back simultaneously", any part of
the arm recovering over the water is sufficient for satisfying this rule.
(TAKE YOUR CHANCES WITH THIS ONE. At a recent Masters meet in talking 
to very experienced officials, there was a split on this situation. 
With a slight majority the consensus was to uphold the dq).

Applicable Rules:   101.2.2

11.    A swimmer likes to keep his feet separated while kicking to the
surface of the water at the beginning of the butterfly. He was disqualified
for not having his feet and legs together while he was doing the butterfly
kick. Is this a valid disqualification?

Recommended Resolution:    No.  The legs or the feet do not need to be on
the same level.

Applicable Rules:   101.2.3

12.    The swimmer in lane 7 completes her butterfly event with a two-hand
touch. One hand is under the water and one hand is out of the water, above
the water surface, on this simultaneous finish. The stroke and turn official
disqualified her for not having both of her hands either out of the water or
under the water.  Should Martha have been disqualified?

Recommended Resolution:    No, she should not have been disqualified. The
touch may be made with both hands simultaneously at, above, or below the
water surface.

Applicable Rules:   101.2.5

13.    At our local championship meet, a coach noticed that many swimmers
were dropping their shoulders after the final arm pull and prior to the
touch. The coach believes and has taught his swimmers that they must keep
their shoulders level with the water until the touch was made.  Is the coach
correct in his belief?

Recommended Resolution:    No, the coach is incorrect.  The rules do not
address the position of the shoulders during the swim or approaching a turn.
The rules only require that the body be on the breast, therefore the
shoulder position at the turn or finish doesn't have to be level with the
water.  The only time the rules mention shoulders is when the swimmer leaves
the wall after a turn. (about ten years ago, the swimmer did have to 
have their shoulders level, but that was changed).

Applicable Rules:   101.2.4, 101.2.5
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