[PacMasterUpdate] Pacific Masters Update June 2, 2006

pacmasterupdate at PacificMasters.org Fri Jun 2 20:32:38 EDT 2006

Lake Berryessa TOMORROW - Saturday
On June 3rd, Davis Aquatic Masters hosts the 25th Annual Lake Berryessa Swim.
This is a great open water swim. One can swim the two mile swim and
then turn around to swim the one mile swim. After the open water
swim, an on site food service will provide the as tasty meal (extra

The Lake Berryessa swim is one of the great open water swims. The
water is fresh, the air is pristine, the course is long but has a
great view. Enjoy the swim.

XI FINA World Masters Entry Deadline is tomorrow- SATURDAY
The registration deadline for the FINA Worlds is 3 June 2005. You can
register online at

This is a great place to compete against swimmers in your age group
and ability. You can swim any of the long course events if you make
the qualifying time. The 3KM open water swim will be at Crown Beach
in Alameda - water temperature is expected to be between 60-71
degrees. Swimmers can swim up to five individual events (but only two
on a day), three relays and the open water swim.

Swimmers from over 70 countries have entered the meet. Teams that
have over 20 entries include, Walnut Creek, the Olympic Club,
Stanford, Menlo Masters, USF, San Mateo Master Marlins, Mountain View
Masters, Tamalpias and Rinconada Masters.

If you can meet the qualifying times you are eligible, but you must
be a member of a swim team. You cannot swim "unattached."

Become a sponsor of the XI FINA World Masters Championships. For
additional benefits by donating to the non-profit organization
hosting the event, you will receive a sticker at registration to add
to your ID card to receive your benefits. Sponsorship levels include:

PATRON $2500
A patron will receive individual meet entry fees paid, expedited
processing at registration and check in. Preferred seating in the
Avery Aquatic Center, Entrys feel paid for all social events, an
officials logo polo shirt and hat, an official swimbag, a Speedo
Fastkin II suit and a preferred parking pass (priceless).

A friend sponsor will receive expedited processing, entry fees paid
for all social events and an official logo t-shirt and hat.

A seal sponsor will receive expedited processing at registration, a
limited edition XI FINA Masters logo mascot seal and an official logo
t-shirt and hat.

The Organizing Committee hopes that you will consider become a
sponsor at one of the above levels. If you have already registered,
you can go online to add sponsorship to your registration.

All the relays will be on Tuesday - the 200 Mixed Free Relay, 200
Mixed Medley Relay, 200 Men's Medley relay, 200 Men's Free Relay, 200
Women's Medley Relay and 200 Women's Free Relay. The team leader can
enter a time and an event. The final names do not have to be entered
until Monday before the relay - so the coach/team leader can see who
is swimming at the meet, but all the swimmers must register for the

If a coach needs help in finding out who has registered from their
team, please contact me at michael at pacificmasters.org . I will be at
Lake Berryessa tomorrow also

Pacific Masters affiliate
Lands End

Pacific Masters entered into a new affiliate relationship with Lands'
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active person.

If you click on the link to Lands' End from the Pacific Masters web
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The Pacific Masters Logo'ed shirts that meet officials wear are from Lands End.

Have a good week

Michael W. Moore