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Update on Pacific Masters Swimming sent to members and friends. Sat Nov 1 23:18:25 EDT 2008

As adopted by the Pacific Masters Committee the Mission of Pacific Masters is:

Pacific Masters Swimming welcomes anyone who would like to gain and
maintain fitness through swimming and encourages programs to foster
this mission.

The first Clovis Short Course Yards meet will be held at the Clovis
North Aquatic Center (the site of the 2009 USMS Short Course Yards
Championships). The meet will be held 8 November and is organized by
The Clovis Swim Club and the Fig Garden Masters. The meet will start
at 1 PM, which will give swimmers from the Bay Area time to leave
early in the morning and make it in time to compete.

The 15th Annual Reno Winners Meet will be at the Northwest Pool in
Reno, Nevada on Saturday December 6th. The meet will be at the
Northwest Pool opening at 11am and meet starts at noon.


This is a quick survey for open water swimmers and for swimmers who
wouldn't enter any body of water without chlorine or a black line at
the bottom. This will help the PMS open water event directors plan
for the next few seasons. The survey will stay open until November
19. Tell us what you think! Really...we want to know.


If you tried to take the survey and it did not work, please try
again. The above link will work, but there appears to be a limit to
the number of people who can take the survey at the same time.

You can now renew your membership for 2009. You can register on line,
it is very easy, just go to:
and start filling out the forms. If you are a member of the clubs
listed below you can register with your club.

1. BAC 11. EDSC 21. MVM 31. SNM 41 ECYM 51 WNTR
2. BAY 12. FOG 22. OAK 32. TAM 42 EEE
3. BEAR 13. H2OL 23. OAM 33. TCAM 43 MAAC
4. BRS 14. HYM 24. PCAM 34. TOC 44 MPSC
5. CAST 15. LAMV 25. PVMA 35. TSI 45 MSI
6. CMAM 16. LARP 26. RAMS 36. TSUN 46 SFRP
7. CRUZ 17. LNM 27. RHMS 37. TVM 47 TEME
8. CVM 18. LOM 28. RINC 38. USF 48 VACA
9. DAM 19. LVTC 29. SCUS 39. WCM 49 VSMS
10. DC 20. MTRC 30. SMST 40. WOOD 50 YBAR

If your club is not one of the clubs listed above, you will have to
register as "unattached." And then when your club registers you can
change membership.

If you want to register by mail, go to the first page of the
November/December newsletter, fill out the form and sent it to Nancy

The last issue of the Pacific Masters Newsletter for 2008 is posted
on the Pacific Masters web site. It has the list of events for 2009
and the updated list of the DVDs and tapes available from the Pacific
Masters Video Library. (If you are a member of Pacific Masters, you
can check out the DVDs and tapes.

The USMS website has a new feature "What is the Value of Swimming."

There are two new articles in the Feature Section. "Something in the
Water" and "USMS: Bringing People Together.

This Sunday in Singapore, swimmers are competing for the FINA World
Cup.The competition is being shown on the Universal Sports Channel.
You must get up early to see the competition (or just stay up) it
starts at 1:50 am

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Hotel Reservations are open for the USMS Short Course Nationals that
will be held in Clovis California in May. You are encouraged the use
of the direct link for reservations at all preferred hotels:


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OFF THE WALL - More work on the shoulder
Well, this week I got back in the water. I am fortunate to have a
pool available very close to where I work. On Monday, I went to the
pool to do a little kicking. After talking to the coach for a couple
of minutes, he said I should enter the water by the ladder. So I went
to the ladder and started entering the water. I remembered why I like
to jump in. The water is cool and I want to enter quickly, then start
swimming to warm up.

When I had entered to mid thigh, I thought I would just jump in and
get it over with -


I never realized how much the water pushes against the arm and the
arm push against the shoulder. At least I did not jump in very far.
The shoulder only bothered me for a few minutes after getting in the
water. I made a note not to jump in the water while the shoulder is

I am not a person who regularly just kicks in the water. When forced,
I do the whip kick and I am still slow. My flutter kick is strong
enough to get my legs close to the surface, but rarely with much
forward speed. Well, when you have a bunch of lemons, lets make lemon
aid - this will be a time to work on my kicking and hope that it will

The goal was to kick 1,000 yards. I would break up the 1,000 into
blocks of 100. The first 16 laps were very slow as I was trying to
find a comfortable way to kick. I wanted to find a comfortable
position for my arm, so my shoulder would not ache too much. I could
not stick my arm forward, so I tried with my arm along my right
side. Well I tried, the shoulder ached when I tried that. I tried
another position. The shoulder felt best when I put my right hand on
my chest.

After the first 400, I started to feel better when kicking. I also
picked up a little speed. I actually passed the snail that was
slithering on the deck.

Finally, after the 10 100s I got out of the water. I was careful on
the ladder. I primarily used my left arm when exiting, but I did have
to balance with my right hand and arm. The shoulder let me know when
I was pulling too hard with arm.

On Tuesday, I went to the pool again. When getting in the water, I
went down to the last step on the ladder, then put my right hand on
my chest and crossed that arm with my left arm before jumping
backwards into the water.

I did find that I can lightly scull with my right hand and I can
raise my arm higher with no ache or pain.

Tuesday, I started kicking again, one hundred backstroke kick, then
flutter kick on the chest. I found that I was starting to get a sense
of balance. I remembered to keep my hips up when flutter kicking. On
my back I could kick faster to the other end, than I could on my
chest. When on my chest, I would look at the little tiles on the
bottom as I kicked. I could tell I was not going very fast, but I was
going faster than Monday.

I swam the 1000 a little faster than on Monday.

During the day, the shoulder would ache, but I would be doing other
things, so the ache was a little bothersome, but not a big deal. In
bed, there was not much else to do, the shoulder would ache and there
was nothing to do to take my mind off the ache. For the prior week, I
had been taken one Vicodin before going to bed. The ache went away
and I could sleep for the six to eight hours. Tuesday night I took
one tablet before going to bed. About three am, I woke up and my
shoulder was bothering me. I moved the arm from crossing my chest to
straight out along my right side. That did not work. I moved to my
back and cross my arm, still bothered me then I moved the arm to my
side. I did not want to get out of bed. Finally after about 30
minutes, I got out of bed, took a tablet and went back to bed; the
ache gradually went away and in 30 minutes I was asleep.

Wednesday was physical therapy day. I was able to move the arm with a
greater range of motion than the previous week.

Thursday, back in the pool. Still getting in by the ladder. I went
into the kicking routine. I started using my left arm and did a one
arm crawl and the one are fly. When kicking I am moving my right hand
in the water and pushing the water.

I kicked faster and on Thursday I was able to get the thousand
finished faster than the previous two days. So I swam another 100. I
was able to swim the 1100 faster than the thousand I kicked on Monday.

Things are going slow, but I can see improvement in my right arms
range of motion. I can raise my arm, but not all the way, yet. Oh
well, next week will be better.

Have a good week.


michael w. moore
michael at mwmoore.org