[PacMasterUpdate] The Update PacMasters All Saints Day 2010

Update on Pacific Masters Swimming sent to members and friends. Tue Nov 2 00:38:40 EDT 2010

As adopted by the Pacific Masters Committee the Mission of Pacific Masters is:

Pacific Masters Swimming welcomes anyone who would like to gain and maintain fitness through swimming and encourages programs to foster this mission.

PacMasters Schedule
The 2011 Pacific Masters Schedule is posted on the web site.Currently there are 11 pool meets, 6 open water meets and 2 postals. The Executive Committee is looking to put more meets on the schedule.

Swimmer registration started this morning at 12:01 am, .USMS memberships follow the calendar year, and expire on December 31 (its the early takeoff rule for registration). However, if you renew or register between November 1 and December 31, your membership will be valid for the following year as well.

We are excited to share that this year, for the first time ever, USMS sponsors are offering exclusive incentives to members who renew or register before December 31, 2010. Members who renew before December 31, 2010 will receive an e-mail with personalized discount codes, totaling more than $30 in savings, from these sponsors:

Barracuda: 10% off your total purchase, blueseventy: $15 off purchase of $30 or more, FINIS: $10 off total purchase, Fitness Nutrition: 20% off total purchase, Hammer Nutrition: $5 off total purchase, SwimOutlet: 10% discount on Sporti and ClubSwim products, TriSwim: 30% off total purchase, TYR: 20% off total purchase.

Thanks to the 400 athletes who have already registered. You can register online at:
or you can download the registration form:

.If you have any questions, please contact Nancy Ridout mailto:registrar at pacificmasters.org .

Our Registrar has sent out the 2011 Pacific Masters Club registration to the club's representative. The following clubs have re-registered: 49ER, AAM, AHSM, AQUM, BAC, BAM, BAY, BMSP, BRS, CARS, CLOV, CMAM, CRUZ, CSSR, CVM, DAC, DAM, DC, ECYM, EDHS, EEE, FDM, FGM, FGST, FOG, H2OL, HYM, LAM, LAMV, LNM, LODI, LVAM, LVTC, MAAC, MAM, MELO, MMS, MMSW, MPM, MSC, MSMA, MTRC, MVM, NBA, NCAL, OAK, OAKD, OAM, PCAM, PPP, PRES, PVMA, RAMS, RCP, RHMS, RINC, RPM, SAC, SCAM, SCSC, SCUS, SERC, SFRP, SHMS, SJAM, SMMM, SMST, SNM, SOLO, SPAS, SRAT, SRM, SST, STAN, SVAM, TAM, TCAM, TEME, TOC, TSUN, TTAM, TTST, TUTE, TVM, UCPA, USF, VACA, WAMS, WCM, WEST, WOOD, YCMS. Thank you for reregistering - it is so very helpful.

If you lost you Pacific Masters card and need a new one, you can go to:
where you can print out your PacMasters Card. Of course, you can contact our Registrar about getting a new card (mailto:registrar at pacificmasters.org) to get a new card.

UPDATE YOUR ADDRESS - HOME AND EMAIL - can be done on-line

You can update your profile (home address and email address) by logging on to:


when you do this your information is immediately updated. If you changed your address, the next Swim Magazine will be sent to your new address.

You are invited to the 4th Annual Boys & Girls Clubs of San Francisco STARfish Swim Team Auction and Race for the Stars Adult Swim Meet

Saturday November 13, 2010
9am Warm ups and Complementary breakfast
10am Competition begins
11am-2pm Auction and Lunch
1:30 Raffle Drawing

Meet Registration
Fee: $25
Includes participation in 3 races and goodie bag
Enter meet at: http://www.active.com/swim-meet/san-francisco-ca/race-for-the-stars-adult-swim-meet-2010 by Mon Nov 8th or sign up with deck entries day of for $30 between 8:30-9:30am
-non sanctioned -

The Dolphin Club in San Francisco offers a monthly introductory course on swimming in San Francisco Bay.

For new swimmers and for anyone who wants to brush up or learn more. Held once a month, this hour-and-a-half session includes materials about Aquatic Park geography, tides and currents, swimming in cold water and how to avoid hypothermia, our non-human friends in the water, and lots more.

1-hour chat with Q & A followed by an optional group swim. Non-members welcome, with payment of $6.50 day-use fee.

FINAL SESSION FOR 2010: Sunday, November 21, 10AM The Dolphin Club, 502 Jefferson Street (in Aquatic Park), San Francisco

Limited to 20 people, RSVP required. For more information visit http://www.dolphinclub.org/

We sent out an email blast from our registration data base to our members. There were many many that came back. We need a volunteer to cut and paste the email address into a list. If you have the time to help, please contact chairman at pacificmasters.org

The final final numbers are not in but it look like PacMasters finished with just under 11,000 members - 10,940 an all time record finishing with about 200 more swimmers than last year. Thanks to all the coachs, club reps, officials and volunteers for all the work that you did for the PacMasters swimmers.

Below is a list of the number of swimmers for each club with 100 or more swimmers. The final final numbers will be available in January. Again thanks to the coaches.

1. DAM 655
2. WCM 499
3. STAN 479
3. TCAM 479
5. SCSC 384
6. MELO 378
7. USF 356
8. CRUZ 292
9. MVM 238
10.MAM 227
11.MAAC 224
12.TEME 218
13.TSUN 217
14.TVM 216
15. SERC 204
16. SNM 191
17.TOC 184
18. BAC 181
19.SMMM 178
20 PCAM 172
21.RAMS 170
21.SCAM 170
23.BAY 161
24.DC 157
25. CLOV 136
26. AAM 120
27. SRM 117
28. MMSW 110
29.RINC 108
30. SAC 106


The Pacific Masters Swimming 2010 Annual meeting will be held at
the Lounge Room
1375 Civic in downtown Walnut Creek
Wednesday, November 17, 2010 7:00PM

All clubs are invited to send a representative to the meeting. All members are welcome and encouraged to come to the meeting.