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Pacific Masters Pool Competition Results

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Reno Winners MeetDec 4SCYResults                                                                                                
DAM Brute Squad PostalNov 1-Nov 30PostalResults                                                                                                
Carson City MeetOct 24SCYResults                                                                                                
PacMasters SCM ChampionshipsOct 8-Oct 10SCMResultsSplitsTeam PtsPts WomenPts Men                                
Sacramento Sprint SCY PentathlonOct 3SCMResults                                Pts WomenPts Men                                
MVM Alan Liu Memorial MeetSep 26SCMResultsSplits                                                                                
Modesto AAC Summer MeetAug 21SCMResults                                                                                                
PacMasters Long Course ChampionshipsJul 9-Jul 11LCMResultsSplitsTeam PtsIndiv. Pts                                                
Clovis Masters Long Course MeetJun 19LCMResults                                                                                                
PacMasters SCY ChampionshipsApr 16-Apr 18SCYResultsSplitsTeam PtsIndiv. Pts                                                
Senior Games - Bay AreaApr 10SCYResultsSplits                                                                                
Strawberry Canyon Spring MeetMar 28SCYResultsSplits                                                                                
Rinconada Masters Spring MeetMar 13SCYResults                                                                                                
USF Valentines AffairFeb 6SCYResultsSplits                                                                                
Fog City QuadrathonJan 24SCYResultsSplits                                                                                
TOC 1500Jan 16SCMResults                                                                                                


Reno Winners MeetDec 5SCYResults                                                                                                
PacMasters SCM ChampionshipsOct 16-Oct 18SCMResultsSplitsTeam PtsPts WomenPts Men                                
Sacramento Sprint SCY PentathlonOct 11SCMResults                                                                                                
MVM Alan Liu Memorial MeetOct 4SCMResults                                                                                                
San Mateo Marlins SCM MeetSep 20SCMResults                                                                                                
Modesto AAC Summer MeetAug 15SCMResults                                                                                                
Senior Games - NationalAug 1-Aug 5SCYResultsSplits                                                                                
PacMasters Long Course ChampionshipsJul 10-Jul 12LCMResultsSplitsTeam PtsPts WomenPts Men                                
PacMasters SCY ChampionshipsApr 17-Apr 19SCYResults                Team PtsIndiv. Pts                                                
Strawberry Canyon Spring MeetMar 21SCYResults                                                                                                
Rinconada Masters Spring MeetMar 14SCYResults                                                                                                
Bears Don't HibernateMar 1SCYResults                                                                                                
USF Valentines AffairFeb 7SCYResults                                                                                                
Fog City QuadrathonJan 24SCYResults                                                                                                


Reno Winners MeetDec 6SCYResults                                                                                                
Clovis Masters SCY MeetNov 8SCYResults                                                                                                
PacMasters SCM ChampionshipsOct 10-Oct 12SCMResults                Team PtsPts WomenPts Men                                
Sacramento Sprint SCY PentathlonOct 5SCMResults                                                                                                
MVM Alan Liu Memorial MeetSep 14SCMResults                                                                                                
Modesto AAC Summer MeetAug 23SCMResults                                                                                                
PacMasters Long Course ChampionshipsJul 11-Jul 13LCMResults                Team PtsPts WomenPts Men                                
Menlo Masters Long Course MeetJun 14LCMResults                                                                                                
PacMasters SCY ChampionshipsApr 11-Apr 13SCYResults                Team PtsPts WomenPts Men                                
Strawberry Canyon Spring MeetMar 29SCYResultsSplits                                                                                
Senior Games - Bay AreaMar 16SCYResults                                                                                                
Rinconada Masters Spring MeetMar 8SCYResults                                                                                                
USF Valentines AffairFeb 9SCYResults                                                                                                
Fog City QuadrathonJan 27SCYResultsSplits                                                                                
TOC 1500Jan 19SCMResults                                                                                                


Reno Winners MeetDec 1SCYResults                                                                                                
PacMasters SCM ChampionshipsOct 19-Oct 21SCMResultsSplitsTeam PtsIndiv. Pts                                                
Sacramento Sprint SCY PentathlonSep 30SCMResultsSplits                                                                                
MVM Alan Liu Memorial MeetSep 16SCMResultsSplits                                                                                
Modesto AAC Summer MeetAug 25SCMResults                                                                                                
PacMasters Long Course ChampionshipsJul 6-Jul 8LCMResultsSplitsTeam PtsIndiv. Pts                                                
Burlingame Masters Splash and DashJun 10LCMResults                                                                                                
PacMasters SCY ChampionshipsApr 20-Apr 22SCYResultsSplitsTeam PtsIndiv. Pts                                                
Strawberry Canyon Spring MeetMar 25SCYResults                                                                                                
Rinconada Masters Spring MeetMar 17SCYResultsSplits                                                                                
San Mateo Marlins RelaysFeb 25SCYResults                                                                                                
USF Valentines AffairFeb 10SCYResults                                                                                                
Fog City QuadrathonJan 28SCYResultsSplits                                                                                
TOC 1500Jan 27SCMResults                                                                                                


Reno Winners MeetDec 3SCYResults                                                                                                
PacMasters SCM ChampionshipsOct 13-Oct 15LCMResultsSplitsTeam PtsIndiv. Pts                                                
Sacramento Sprint SCY PentathlonOct 7SCMResultsSplits                                                                                
MVM Alan Liu Memorial MeetOct 1SCMResultsSplits                                                                                
San Mateo Marlins SCM MeetSep 24SCMResults                                                                                                
PacMasters Long Course ChampionshipsJul 7-Jul 9LCMResultsSplitsTeam PtsIndiv. Pts                                                
Menlo Masters Long Course MeetApr 22LCMResults                                                                                                
PacMasters SCY ChampionshipsApr 7-Apr 9SCYResultsSplitsTeam PtsIndiv. Pts                                                
Strawberry Canyon Spring MeetMar 19SCYResults                                                                                                
Stanford Masters Long Course MeetMar 12LCMResults                                                                                                
Rinconada Masters Spring MeetMar 11SCYResults                                                                                                
San Mateo Marlins RelaysFeb 26SCYResults                                                                                                
USF Valentines AffairFeb 11SCYResultsSplits                                                                                
Fog City QuadrathonJan 29SCYResults                                                                                                
Monterey Bay Masters MeetJan 21SCYResults                                                                                                
TAM Jon Steiner Memorial 1650 PostalJan 1-Feb 28PostalResults                                                                                                


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