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Archive of Newsletters and Articles

This is a list of all Pacific Masters articles and newsletters going back to 1999.

Publish DateTitle
2021-12-01Our Video Gallery
2021-12-01Laura Val's Record Breaking Romp
2021-12-012022 USMS Swimmer Registration
2021-10-06Open Water Swimming
2021-09-28Pacific Masters awarded the 2021 Long Distance National Championship award!
2021-09-162021 Pacific Masters Slate of Office Nominees
2021-09-15One Year Later: Conny’s Ultra Alcatraz IM swim
2021-09-102021 Pacific Masters Swimming Kerry O’Brien Short Course Meters Championships
2021-09-02Alan Liu Swim Meet Cancelled
2021-08-11Everything You Wanted to Know About US Masters Swimming August 12, 7:00 pm
2021-08-11Nominations Open for Pacific Masters Awards Due October 1
2021-07-29The Davis End of Summer Splash is back in person! Sunday, August 22, Woodland, CA
2021-06-10Kerry O'Brien Inducted Into Masters International Swimming Hall of Fame
2021-05-24Coach of the Year Presentation Video
2021-04-06Pandemic ePostal Challenge Series
2021-03-24Pacific Masters Community Talk and Social Hour
2021-01-032020 Pacific Masters Virtual Annual Convention and Meeting
2020-12-10Pacific Masters Service Awards for 2020
2020-12-102020, A Very Strange Year
2020-10-09USMS 2020 Annual Convention – Virtual!
2020-09-14Marathon Swimming: The Sport of the Soul, a Book Review
2020-09-08COVID-19 Relief Program
2020-07-062020 A Strange Year in Review - The Pacific Masters Movie
2020-07-062019 Pacific Masters Coach of the Year Award Recipient Mary Kahn
2020-06-22Great Books for Swimmers and Water Lovers
2020-01-31Championship Preview - Morgan Hill
2020-01-052020 Short Course Yards Season Preview
2019-12-08Pacific Masters Annual Celebration and Meeting
2019-12-082019 Celebration and Annual Meeting
2019-11-10New Ross Yancher Brute Squad Lite is Acclaimed
2019-11-10The Kincaid Fire
2019-10-27Rinconada Swim Coach Carol Macpherson retires after 47 years
2019-10-11Reflections on the Sacramento Masters Sprint Pentathlon
2019-09-292019 USMS Convention: One Person's View
2019-08-182019 Pacific Masters Officer Election
2019-04-16Annual Coach Appreciation Week May 5 thru 11
2019-04-15Tim Edmonds, 2019 Pacific Masters Coach of the Year
2019-01-30How Age Group Standings Work
2018-11-102018 Annual Celebration and Meeting
2018-10-28The 2018 USMS Convention
2018-10-28How It All Works: Notes on the 2018 USMS Annual Meeting from a Newbie Delegate
2018-10-08PacMasters Annual Meeting and Celebration Nov 4!
2018-08-042017 Swimmers of the Year
2018-05-30Mike Lynch, 2018 Pacific Masters Coach of the Year
2017-11-27Pacific Masters Celebrates Another Great Year at its 2017 Annual Meeting
2017-09-26The Road to Recovery
2017-05-15Michael Moore Receives Ransom Arthur Award
2017-05-152017 USMS National Championships - Pacific Masters Represents!
2017-04-272017 Short Course Yards Championships: Hail? Yes!
2017-04-19Carol Nip Wins Pacific Masters Coach of the Year Award
2017-01-23Walnut Creek Masters Intensive Training Camp
2016-12-30Call for Coach of the Year Nominations
2016-12-292017 Spring Season Preview
2016-11-18Pacific Masters Service and Achievement Award Winners
2016-11-18Olympian Dana Vollmer Highlights 2016 Pacific Masters Annual Meeting and Celebration
2016-10-12Dana Vollmer to Highlight PacMasters Annual Meeting
2016-10-022016 USMS Convention Recap
2016-09-20PacMasters SCM Championships - Olympic Launching Pad
2016-09-042016 USMS Annual Convention
2016-07-08Remembering Chris Homonnay
2016-06-202017 Pacific Masters Championships Bidding
2016-05-132016 Pacific Masters Open Water Season
2016-04-222016 SCY Championships
2016-04-18Mike Kazek Wins Pacific Masters Coach of the Year Award
2016-02-23Spring Training - Stroke Technique Resources
2015-12-23New Pacific Masters Website!
2015-07-01Open Season for Open Water
2015-05-25Club National Championships
2015-05-012015 Pacific Masters Championships
2014-07-25A History of Pacific Masters Swimming
2014-07-20LC Championships 2014
2014-06-09Open (Water) for Business
2014-05-192014 Santa Clara National Championships
2013-04-24Coaches Appreciation Week
2013-01-01CAL Aquatic Masters - Keep Calm and Swim On
2013-01-01Newsletter Jan-Feb 2013
2013-01-01Phil Bowen
2013-01-01Alive in the Water
2012-11-01Newsletter Nov-Dec 2012
2012-09-01Newsletter Sep-Oct 2012
2012-07-01Newsletter Jul-Aug 2012
2012-05-01Newsletter May-Jun 2012
2012-03-01Newsletter Mar-Apr 2012
2012-01-01Newsletter Jan-Feb 2012
2011-11-01Newsletter Nov-Dec 2011
2011-09-01Newsletter Sep-Oct 2011
2011-07-01Newsletter Jul-Aug 2011
2011-05-01Newsletter May-Jun 2011
2011-03-01Newsletter Mar-Apr 2011
2011-01-01Newsletter Jan-Feb 2011
2010-11-01Newsletter Nov-Dec 2010
2010-09-01Newsletter Sep-Oct 2010
2010-07-01Newsletter Jul-Aug 2010
2010-05-01Newsletter May-Jun 2010
2010-03-01Newsletter Mar-Apr 2010
2010-01-01Newsletter Jan-Feb 2010
2009-11-01Newsletter Nov-Dec 2009
2009-09-01Newsletter Sep-Oct 2009
2009-07-01Newsletter Jul-Aug 2009
2009-05-01Newsletter May-Jun 2009
2009-03-01Newsletter Mar-Apr 2009
2009-01-01Newsletter Jan-Feb 2009
2008-11-01Newsletter Nov-Dec 2008
2008-09-01Newsletter Sep-Oct 2008
2008-07-01Newsletter Jul-Aug 2008
2008-05-01Newsletter May-Jun 2008
2008-03-01Newsletter Mar-Apr 2008
2008-01-01Newsletter Jan-Feb 2008
2007-11-01Newsletter Nov-Dec 2007
2007-09-01Newsletter Sep-Oct 2007
2007-07-01Newsletter Jul-Aug 2007
2007-05-01Newsletter May-Jun 2007
2007-03-01Newsletter Mar-Apr 2007
2007-01-01Newsletter Jan-Feb 2007
2006-11-01Newsletter Nov-Dec 2006
2006-09-01Newsletter Sep-Oct 2006
2006-07-01Newsletter Jul-Aug 2006
2006-05-01Newsletter May-Jun 2006
2006-03-01Newsletter Mar-Apr 2006
2006-01-01Newsletter Jan-Feb 2006
2005-11-01Newsletter Nov-Dec 2005
2005-09-01Newsletter Sep-Oct 2005
2005-07-01Newsletter Jul-Aug 2005
2005-05-01Newsletter May-Jun 2005
2005-03-01Newsletter Mar-Apr 2005
2005-01-01Newsletter Jan-Feb 2005
2004-11-01Newsletter Nov-Dec 2004
2004-09-01Newsletter Sep-Oct 2004
2004-07-01Newsletter Jul-Aug 2004
2004-05-01Newsletter May-Jun 2004
2004-03-01Newsletter Mar-Apr 2004
2004-01-01Newsletter Jan-Feb 2004
2003-11-01Newsletter Nov-Dec 2003
2003-09-01Newsletter Sep-Oct 2003
2003-07-01Newsletter Jul-Aug 2003
2003-05-01Newsletter May-Jun 2003
2003-03-01Newsletter Mar-Apr 2003
2003-01-01Newsletter Jan-Feb 2003
2002-11-01Newsletter Nov-Dec 2002
2002-09-01Newsletter Sep-Oct 2002
2002-07-01Newsletter Jul-Aug 2002
2002-05-01Newsletter May-Jun 2002
2002-03-01Newsletter Mar-Apr 2002
2002-01-02Newsletter Jan-Feb 2002
2001-11-01Newsletter Nov-Dec 2001
2001-09-01Newsletter Sep-Oct 2001
2001-07-01Newsletter Jul-Aug 2001
2001-05-01Newsletter May-Jun 2001
2001-03-01Newsletter Mar-Apr 2001
2001-01-01Newsletter Jan-Feb 2001
2000-11-01Newsletter Nov-Dec 2000
2000-09-01Newsletter Sep-Oct 2000
2000-07-01Newsletter Jul-Aug 2000
2000-05-01Newsletter May-Jun 2000
2000-03-01Newsletter Mar-Apr 2000
2000-01-01Newsletter Jan-Feb 2000
1999-11-01Newsletter Nov-Dec 1999
1999-09-01Newsletter Sep-Oct 1999
1999-07-01Newsletter Jul-Aug 1999
1999-05-01Newsletter May-Jun 1999
1999-03-01Newsletter Mar-Apr 1999
1999-01-01Newsletter Jan-Feb 1999

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